The Vegan Paradigm Shift® Teachings with Charlotte L. Cressey

Advancing Humanity Through Harmony

Veganism is much more than a diet.  It is a stance for and with the full-flourishing of all life.  The inner shift that foregrounds the behavior we call veganism is an inner call to the path of awakening.  You are here because you feel the call to something greater – for yourself and for all animals.


Welcome to this portal.

Step across the threshold …
as we move out of the ordinary, and
into the extraordinary
where everything is possible.

It is as simple as a shift in perception.

Perception is everything. And that’s all a paradigm is… a story about who you are and what you’re capable of.

For too long, humanity has held a limited self-understanding based on the idea that we have to kill (animals) to survive. As we let that old story go, new potentials and dormant genius open up within.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

- Buckminster Fuller

Futurist, architect, and creator of the geodesic dome

Build a new model for yourself and society with the Vegan Paradigm Shift®. 

Do you know how special you are?

Your life is no accident.

You came here to this time and place for a reason.
And, there is no one just like you.
Only you can dance your dance and only you can sing your song.

You have vast reservoirs of potential locked up inside you. 

It is time to take all you sense in potential and bring it into physical form.

Veganism is the missing key turning those potentials into reality.

Veganism here is not just a diet. We are talking about a way of relating to life – your paradigm.

A paradigm is a collection of beliefs about ourselves, the world, and what we believe is possible.

Like a thermostat set to a specific temperature, your paradigm either dampens or amplifies your God-given potential. And, sometimes, no matter how hard you to try to change, no matter how hard you push and apply your willpower, you just can’t change some area of your life because your paradigm, i.e. your subconscious programming, is “set” to limitation.

You’ve probably heard before wherever you go, there you are… you can travel the world and you will always find YOU with the same habits and habit of mind…


Wherever you go … there … is your paradigm.

As we shift out of the false notion that you have to kill to survive (power-over) and shift into the deeper truth of “power-with” all life – new horizons appear before you and heretofore hidden potentials are released within.

You experience an inner Springtime.

As you develop these deeper levels of relating to life, you will discover that everywhere you look creativity flows, life feels lighter, and at a certain point you will experience how serendipity and synchronicity becomes a way of life. The right people or ideas come at the right time … you are blessed with good fortune … because you are living in tune with the natural laws of life.

The Vegan Paradigm Shift® Teachings is a personal development system to take all that is in potential and bring it into physical form.

You have everything you need to succeed.

Whether you’re looking to up-level your life in the areas of . . .

The Vegan Paradigm Shift® can show you how.

The Vegan Paradigm Shift®:

Wake up to Your True Power

Join The Vegan Paradigm Shift® 7 Week Course for the Awakening Human.

Is The Vegan Paradigm Shift® Course for you?

Are you curious to learn the deeper aspects of veganism?
Would you love to understand the cosmic force of your food?
Are you a pre-vegan or vegan on the path of self-actualization?
Do you want to know how to take all you've learned up until now and manifest the biggest results possible?
Do you wish to experience unprecedented joy, success, and connection?
 Do you sense you are destined for greatness, and are ready to take your life to the next level?

Learn all this and more to support YOU in Being, Doing, and Having All You Came Here to Earth to Experience.

Join The Vegan Paradigm Shift 7 Week Course for the Awakening Human

What to expect:

7 Modules of in-depth yet practical content to get you living from your future self right away.  

In each of the 7 "Vegan Paradigm Shift" Training Modules, you'll be guided through a series of teaching principles, as well as guided practices designed to unlock each aspect of your true power.

This brand-new series contains the latest principles, practices, and insights that are the culmination of Charlotte's vegan, self-actualization, and planetary transformation studies.

  • 7 Weeks of Live Teaching with Recordings 
  • 3 Live Destiny Sessions - Group Coaching to Implement the Teachings
  • Guided Meditation Recordings to Access Your Future Self

Access the power to:

+ Set your outmoded mental programs aside for good 

+ Bring crystal clarity to your life vision in harmony with all life

+ Tune in to the support of nature and the animals as they guide you to get what you want in life

+ Live into the emerging partnership paradigm in all aspects of life

+ Manifest a higher experience of life in the areas of relationships, health, purpose, power, prosperity, and spirituality with the Inner Levers of Veganism

+ Take all that is in potential and bring it into form

You create your reality and this in turn creates our world.

The best thing you can do for the world is become the best version of you.

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