Charlotte L. Cressey

M.A. Women's Spirituality

Charlotte is a writer, teacher, transformative group facilitator, and lover of life.

Her work serves to embolden individuals to live their highest potential. 

Through Embody Love LLC, Charlotte assists people in unearthing their own infinite wellspring of joy, compassion, and embodied reverence.  Her offerings are in service of a broader vision to co-create a peaceful, harmonious existence for humans, animals, and the Earth. 

Cressey has presented at conferences, universities, and schools nationwide and is an active participant in the global movement to co-create a kinder world for all beings. 

Charlotte's credo is "Create Heaven on Earth and have fun along the way!"

Like most children, Charlotte connected easily with animals from the time she was born.  Before she spoke English, Charlotte spoke "the language of love" with the family's dog, Whimsey, a white German Shepherd.  She intuited Whimsey's feelings and they formed a close bond, which caused Charlotte to naturally understand that all animals were just like Whimsey - sentient and conscious.  She began to notice that some of the toys she played with had names of farm animals that sounded eerily similar to what her family served for dinner.  So, at age 3, she said, "did a cow have to die for me to eat this?"  Her parents replied," yes, honey."  And Charlotte's path of conscientious objection began right then and there as she proudly declared
"I'm not eating that anymore."


At that young age, she began thinking about how she could convince "the adults" to see animals the way she did, as her friends.

Charlotte adopted a fully vegan lifestyle at age 12, after witnessing firsthand the gruesome slaughter of a goat.  At that time she became fully committed to devoting the rest of her life to doing whatever she could to save as many animals as possible in this lifetime.

As a spiritual seeker, Charlotte wanted to understand life at a deeper level.  She realized that in order to convince people to change how they treat animals, she would have to grow and change herself too.  So in addition to studying veganism and what was being done to animals, she also began a quest into deeper truths about life on a grand scale.

Cressey began yoga as a teenager and became a more serious student of yoga and yogic philosophy in her early 20's. 

She has studied Goddesses, the early roots of Christianity, women's studies, ecofeminism, philosophy, energy healing, and meditation. 

As a lifelong seeker, she holds many certifications, although, her greatest skill is her sensitivity, which she has protected and honed over the years.

She is a Chopra-Center certified meditation instructor, registered yoga instructor with 500 hours of training through YogaWorks, originator of Earth Energy Yoga®, Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui tradition, Certified Red Tent Facilitator, and The Rules™ dating coach through Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider.

Charlotte has studied with leading transformational teachers of our time including Ava Park, Dr. Claire Zammit, and Bob Proctor.

She has also gone deeply into ecofeminist theory, New Thought philosophy, and the work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

As a long-time vegan of 26 years, Charlotte believes in the Evolutionary Power of Love and challenges the cultural tendency to believe that cruelty and callousness is a necessary part of “getting by.”

She views veganism, mindfulness, and embodied movement as part of a larger goal to create a peaceful, harmonious existence for humans, animals, and the Earth.

She brings this all together in her unique transformative teachings and experiential offers.

Areas Of Expertise & Professional Overview

  • Leader who effectively empowers people to become goal-achievers.

  • Unique integration of teachings on actualization of highest potentials of self and society through veganism.

  • Supports people in identifying and eradicating internalized limiting belief systems, establishing more productive
    mindsets and habits.

  • Demystifies complicated concepts such as ecofeminism in a simplified, accessible format.

  • Specialization in Women’s Studies, in-depth knowledge of women's history and Goddess Spirituality.

  • Competent in catalyzing greatness in women and men.

  • Ability to work with diverse groups across a broad spectrum of ideologies and backgrounds.

Philanthropic Involvement


  • Featured author in Bear Necessities: Rescue, Rehabilitation, Sanctuary, and Advocacy. "9,540,000 Square Miles, 800,000 American Black Bears, 3 Rescues." Edited by Lisa Kemmerer, 2015.

  • Featured author in Goddess 2.0: Advancing a New Path Forward. "Veganism: The Most Powerful Antidote to the Dominator Paradigm." Edited by Karen Tate, 2016.
 Women’s Leadership
Curriculum Creator
 Goal-Achievement Expert
Ecofeminism Expert
 Transformational Coach
Innovative Problem Solver
Confidence Educator
Effective Oral & Written Communicator


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