"Nothing to heal, only perfection to reveal."

Everything is Energy

I call my energy work Energy Amplification instead of Energy Healing.

There is a healing process, but it’s important to frame the condition as just a condition and know that all is unfolding in divine order.   Our aim is to support you in taking your energy to a higher level.

Have you heard of energy healing?

Every physical creation and experience began as an idea.  Every idea or thought began as a vibration.  Vibration and the subtle realms is where manifestation really happens.

If you want to change something, don't try to force things at the most challenging level- the results - go to the source - the energy the energy field and match your energy to the vibration of what it is you want.

Skip levels to get to quantum energy mastery faster than you would alone.

I teach you how to do your own energy work.

Energy Amplification Sessions are offered in-person at beautiful Aphrodite’s Headquarters in Southern California.

Learn more by booking a 15 minute Discovery Session chat with me and see if we’re a good fit.


Charlotte is a Natural-Born Energy Adept

She’s honed her gifts since childhood, communicating with animals and doing energy work as part her natural intuitive process.

Charlotte is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Tradition. She has an Interfaith Background and practices what she calls Goddess Christianity.  Energy healing performed by Charlotte is in alignment with all faiths including Born Again Christianity, as we intentionally invite God’s presence into the energy healing process.

Get started on the path today with a free 15 minute Discovery Session.

I am committed to being of the highest service and look forward to working with you.


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