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“All’s Love, Yet All is Law.”

✧ Robert Browning 

You can learn the laws of the universe to maximize your joy and success.

Getting more of what you want, directing your destiny, and feeling fabulous in the process. 

Hi!  I'm Charlotte and my aim is to be of the highest service to help you get everything you desire in life - purpose, meaning, connection, and vitality.  These teachings, programs, and one-on-one services are the culmination of my lifelong inquiry into how to consciously architect a better self and a better society.  My unique theory of Embodied Love was my aha moment in seeing the way forward. 


As I sought a way to empower people to see themselves as naturally kind and therefore naturally vegan, Embodied Love came forward as the clear most evolutionary self-understanding that must be learned, understood, and espoused.  

Through my life experiences, the guidance of synchronicity and God, events mirroring my loving intent, conversations with animals, and visceral experiences of a love affair with Life Itself, I began to see how this idea of Embodied Love brought together my personal experience and what the modern scientific community was demonstrating - that we humans are in-fact designed for empathy and cooperation, as in the example of mirror neurons.


Seeing yourself as "love incarnate" is the foundation to utilizing metaphysical laws like the Law of Attraction and is key to creating a kinder world. 


The way forward for humanity is to source our power in "power-with" others, knowing that a rising tide lifts all boats.  Competition dissolves as we recognize there is room for everyone's success and mother nature provides for all needs to be met.  When the game you're playing is your personal best, you naturally cheer others on on their quest to be their best too.  This is the emerging partnership paradigm - where we partner with each other and all life as we build the future together.

Personally, after I coined the term, Embodied Love, this new self-definition brought more flow, ease, and loving experiences into my life.

How you see yourself - how you see humanity in general will determine how you behave.

Understanding yourself as Embodied Love is the foundation for accessing your true power and experiencing the beauty, joy, and absolute enchantment with life.

That is why I named my company Embody Love - I believe that is the directive from the divine and it is what we all most want to experience above all else - LOVE!

My main goal is to help you get what you want in life.  YOU are the director of your destiny and only you know what is best for you.  You'll see this reflected with all my teachings.  While I have some ideas to support you, you are the expert on you.

 I hope you will dive in and learn more about Embodied Love so you too can begin experiencing unprecedented levels of joy, fabulosity, and synchronicity as you go through your life.

There are many programs I love to teach: from Earth Energy Yoga®, to Energy Amplification, to walking labyrinths, shifting your paradigm to achieve your desires, and more.  

Wishing you a gorgeous day of Heaven on Earth.

All my love,



You Are a Force of Nature.

Learn to Embody Love and ignite all you came here to be, do, have, and experience.

You Are a Force of Nature.

Bringing Infinite Possibilities into Physical Existence can only occur through the Portal called You.

Together, we can Co-Create Heaven on Earth.


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