The world needs you.

"The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself."

Wallace D. Wattles,
The Science of Getting Rich

The world needs you.

"The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself."

Wallace D. Wattles,
The Science of Getting Rich

Do you feel called to bring your unique gifts and talents to improving the world?

If so, there is no better time to be alive and to be you. Today, there is more reason to 
have optimism and hope for the future of humanity than at any time before in the history of existence.

The resources you need to contribute at the highest level and the mental tools to manifest your gifts in service of life have been identified and mapped.

If your heart is breaking because of the suffering you see around you, there is no need to despair.  You can help make the world a better place - and have fun along the way! In fact, you were designed for this calling.  If you feel a yearning to contribute, it is because you are meant to do so and you already have all it takes to succeed.

Giving your “destiny contribution” to the world   at the highest level is an inner and outer process.

Leadership is just as much about doing the inner work as it is about the things you bring out into the world. One must survey the landscape, observe how to bring their unique expertise, point of view, and experience in consort with an area where the world needs it most - whether that is through a service or product you offer, an area of advocacy in the world, or a specific cause you champion. The keys are creativity, depth of understanding, and a continual process of self-reflection and renewal.

The Evolutionary Leader

Gone is the time of “revolutionaries” who use the power of destruction to improve the world.  The "evolutionary" uses the power of connection to improve the world.  In the past, many agents of social change felt they had to cause a stir in an oppositional manner to create a change. They felt they had to be against something to show it is wrong and may "solve" the problem at the surface, what they fixed was just a symptom and therefore their activism while meaningful was more of a band-aid than a long-term solution.  While bold action is absolutely a component of social transformation, what is needed in the present era is depth - going to the subtle realms and operating from a state of self-mastery, awareness, and often gentleness in order to unveil a better World. Evolving humanity is not about an us vs. them mentality, it is sourced in seeing the systems at play which we are all complicit in, and taking the time to deeply understand rather than rushing into action and using force as our power.  Just as Einstein said you can't solve a problem from the state of consciousness that  created it, likewise, we can't change the world from the surface level of consciousness that most operate in. 

"Evolutionary leadership" may be defined as bringing out the best in others with an understanding sourced in observing patterns and creating lasting change at a root level utilizing the power of creativity, intention, and vision. 

Modern leadership is more about being a "center-holder" than it is about being out in front. 

Some of the most powerful leaders know this. It is the way you inspire others and believe in them that builds a movement. The role of the Evolutionary Leader is to hold the highest vision, ignite potentials, show the way, and invite others to the path. As they build a movement, their talent lies not in just teaching, but drawing out the best in others, thus allowing each participant to the cause to express their greatest gifts and talents and become leaders in their own right.

The Evolutionary Leader is here to help humanity evolve at the source - identify and improve constructs about who we are as humans and our fullest potential - as opposed to just changing the outer effect. 

The Evolutionary Leader is adept at Self-Leadership. Luckily, this is a skill that can be learned too.

"The goal of most leaders is to get the people to think highly of them as a leader.  But, the goal of the exceptional leader is to get the people to think highly of themselves."

Chris Haggerty

How do you know you're meant to lead?

You see opportunities to improve the world.

You have a solution-oriented mindset.

You are passionate.

You are a go-getter.

You possess a unique skillset or experiences that bring a unique point of view to a specific site of action.

There is a specific issue that tugs at your heart.

You've worked within organizations, companies, or social movements and feel there is something missing.
You operate from a mindset of co-creation rather than competition.
You believe in the goodness of the human heart and the hope for a better tomorrow.

I’d love to invite you to join us for

Level Up

Your Leadership Destiny

Wherever you’re at on your changemaker path - just getting started or you already have your site of action or service-oriented biz and want to refine it, you’ll be taken through a process to understand yourself and your gifts better and therefore refine and uplevel your service. What distinguishes you in the marketplace - is  being different.

"Know thyself" is an
ancient aphorism
for a reason.
Self-understanding is the
master key that unlocks
human potential.

Most people, however, do not know who they really are.  Most of us have a self-conception that is much, much smaller than the real truth of our infinite potential. 

It is a conscious choice to shift your self-understanding and to embody all that you came here to be.

This is your chance to take the time to get to know you, really love who you are, and unveil all you came here to be in harmony with life. 

The outcome is that you’ll be able to both contribute at a higher level and also generate more returns.

Monetize your unique service.

Increase your funding for your charitable cause.

Set up a stream of income for it.

Master the skills, mindsets (mental reflexes), and habits of highly effective
Communication Mastery - learn how to articulate your service, product, or
charitable solution to build rapport, create buy-in, further your cause, and motivate
action in the public.
Training in poise, confidence, and the basics of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Level-Up Your Leadership Destiny with Charlotte Cressey

Begins January, 2024 goes through April 2024

What does this include?

  • 6-Module Leadership Destiny Teachings *taught live on Zoom* with Charlotte Cressey beginning January 2024
  • In-Person Destiny Retreat March 2024 in Southern California (in-person component optional)
  • Live Calls and Bonus Content with Master Manifesters, Changemakers, and Thought Leaders
  • "Know Thyself" Proprietary Paradigm-Shifting Techniques to usher in Heaven on Earth.
  • Early Bird Access includes Two Bonus Preparatory Calls with Recordings. October and November 2023. 


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