The Goddess Way

With Charlotte L. Cressey

The Goddess Way Teachings are the modern woman's approach to integrating ancient Goddess wisdom to improve your life and be all that you can be.

A way of relating to yourself that uplevels your whole life.
Learn the ineffable calm of a self-assured woman.  She is a Queen and you can feel it.  She is powerful and magnetic.

"Learned selfishness."  As women, we are conditioned to put our attention on everyone else.  This is the time to learn to live from the inside out: self-defined, self-referenced, and self-directed.  You have to unlearn the unevolved selflessness that exhausts us and exploits the caring feminine nature. Yes, tend to the needs of the world.  But, put your wellbeing first, always.


Know that you are the director of your destiny. Outside circumstances do not define you - you do.


Work with Goddess archetypes to amplify your unique femininity.


Self-care comes first. Let's redefine what it means to be selfish. Women have been trained to put others first at the expense of our own well-being. To be selfish is to give the luxury of thought to your own self (Jen Duchene). Due to internal, subconscious patterns, putting yourself and your health first can be hard to actually implement. But, for women who learn to put themselves first, life becomes much easier and graceful.

The Beauty Path. 

Re-defining Beauty. Beauty is something to experience. Beauty takes many forms. Instead of feeling yourself as something to look at and judged, you learn to create beauty, live beauty, and see beauty in all things. The Goddesses can aid you in reclaiming beauty as yours.

Four Aspects of Woman

While there are four phases of a woman's life, these four archetypes may be called upon at any moment. All four archetypes live within each woman at all times.


element of air
Properties: inspiration, freedom, wilderness, fresh starts, healthy selfishness.


element of fire
Properties: nurturing, warmth, caring, creativity, building, orchestrating at a more personal level, responsibility.


element of water
Properties: leadership, receiving, grace, sovereignty, creating new pathways, relaxation, rejuvenation, directing, overseeing the big picture, impersonally seeing to the good of all

Wisewoman Elder

element of earth
Properties: incubation, introspection, mystery, magic, sacred dark, wisdom, ground of creation, foundations and underlying structures that allow creativity to flourish, liminality (between spaces), time and beyond time

Charlotte has been studying Goddesses the past 16 years.

She holds a Master's Degree in Women's Spirituality with an emphasis in Goddesses and Ecofeminism.

Ava Park and Charlotte L. Cressey

"Charlotte Cressey is a visionary teacher who is a leader in bringing the concept of 'reverence for life' to humanity. In the future, I believe history will record her name as one of the significant people who changed the world for the better."

Ava Park, Founder & Director, Museum of Woman, home of The Queen Teachings for Women with Ava ©

Charlotte was a priestess at the Goddess Temple of Orange County for 13 years under the direction of Ava Park, and absorbed all she could under the brilliant leadership and genius teachings Ava generously offered. She credits Ava's Queen Teachings for helping her advance greatly on her own path.

Ava Park and Charlotte L. Cressey

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