January 3, 2018

Women’s Liberation and “Saving” the Earth

This discussion of vegan spiritual ecofeminism, with Charlotte Cressey, co-organizer of the West Coast Ecofeminist Conference, will explore the ideology of returning the principles associated with women to all of humanity – care, compassion, intuition, and power.  What are the powers of women?  What have been the role of women historically?  Have we been fed a lie in the form of woman as homemaker and sex object?  Can we begin to see women as leaders, healers, visionaries, and powerhouses as peaceful societies did thousands of years ago which were led by women?

We’ll discuss how to end the patriarchal destruction of the Earth in favor of the insights of women such as Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935) and other recent thought-leaders such as Marti Kheel and Carol J. Adams.  

 In this podcast, we will explore how the cultural stories of a male God and male as the norm and priority within theology and philosophy, combined with flesh-eating, have shaped our current understanding of reality, self, worldview, paradigm, and how to up-level our beliefs to benefit all beings. 

Join in for a lively conversation.