May 22, 2014

Watch Your Thoughts,

        For They Become Words.

 Watch Your Words,

       For They Become  Actions.

Watch Your Actions,

       For They Become Habits. 

Watch Your Habits,

       For They Become Character.

 Watch Your Character,

       For It Becomes Your Destiny.



This quote from the Upanishads rings true, but how do you get connected to positive, meaningful thoughts, words, deeds, and actions?  By staying inspired and connecting to desire.

One of the essential ingredients to happiness is inspiration!

Inspire comes from the same root as respire, perspire, and spirit.  Because it is those moments of inspiration that breathe new life into your day-to-day and make your spirits soar.  Think of it like this. . .  Respiration – to breathe and circulate oxygen – keeps you alive.   Inspiration – to breathe new life into your sense of self and circulate your uplifting life force – keeps you connected to your larger purpose in life.  Inspiration is just as important as perspiration and respiration.  Without inspiration, you die – maybe not physically – but your soul will be dampened.  Tune into what inspires you and do it regularly.  Surround yourself with inspiring people, ideas, books, music, nature, and upbeat environments.


Desire propels action.  When your desires are aligned with your purpose, you activate your unique talents and gifts that you are here to unveil.  Only you can dance your unique life’s dance.  You are here for a reason.  Only you can achieve what you are meant to do in the world.   So, when your passion, desire, and purpose are in alignment, together these provide the fuel that helps you push past obstacles and achieve your unique mission.

So, what does this all mean when it comes to your life?  Stay connected to your dreams, visions, and aspirations.  Take the time to slow down – go within.  In meditation and introspection our deeper aspects of self are revealed.   Ask yourself “What is my purpose?  How can I serve?  What is most meaningful to me?”  Write out your desires for your life and what you want to see in the larger world.  Don’t hold back!  Dream big.  We need people with great visions who are willing to set out to achieve them.

Be inspired.  Stay connected with your desires.  And, lastly . . . Take Action!  Consistent action pays off.  No matter how small, start taking steps toward your goals and in time you’ll be amazed with the results.