July 17, 2014

Use Water to Connect with Your Power and The Natural Fountain of Youth

The element of water is known for its healing qualities.  For thousands of years, people have traveled to healing waters for their vitality-promoting properties.  In our bodies, water carries nutrients where they are needed and carries away waste and debris.  In the same way, we can use the energy of water to bring new energies in and to carry away what we want to release.

Energies of the Element of Water

  • Healing
  • Flow
  • Power
  • Tenacity
  • New Paths
  • Rejuvenation and fountain of youth

Water is associated with rhythm and graceful flow.  The rhythm of the ocean is a healing pattern similar to the heartbeat and the breath.  The primordial ‘in – out’ is activated with our ujjayi breath in Earth Energy Yoga (and all asana practice).  Performing poses with a graceful rhythm unites us to this primordial beat.  Pausing to listen to your heartbeat during asana and really feeling your heartbeat can connect you with the rhythm of your inner waters.

Water has the ability, through erosion, to create new courses.  The streams, rivers, and tributaries all over this beautiful planet are a testament to the power of water.  Some wind back and forth while others are more direct.  Regardless of their unique shape, they all demonstrate that water does not let anything get in its way.

We, as humans, have the ability to do the same.  Water flowing downstream does not panic when it sees an obstacle and turn back, it flows over, around, or through the obstacle.  It follows the natural laws of gravity, velocity, and surface tension.  It sticks together.  Are you following your own natural laws?  Are you willing to push past obstacles, find paths, over, around, or through what hinders your progress?   Can you hold yourself together and maintain a positive attitude when life is challenging?  By connecting with the energy of water, we activate our ability to flow in new ways.   Water reminds us to move with conscious awareness, intention, and grace.

Water is also associated with rejuvenation.  By engaging in rejuvenating asanas such as gentle inversions and supported reclining poses, we decrease stress hormones – allowing the body to direct energies to repair, maintenance, and restoration.  This slows the aging process.  By including the energy of water – of healing relaxation – in an asana practice, we can activate the natural fountain of youth.   It has been scientifically proven that stress accelerates the aging process and mindfulness techniques slow it down.  So, incorporate Earth Energy Yoga, meditation, nature time, or whatever helps you relax on a daily basis.  This will help keep your mind young, healthy, and focused.

 Transformative Energetic

Release within a flowing movement. ..just as the fluids in the body carry away toxins, flowing movement carries away what does not serve.


Picture water washing over you, bestowing you with Healing, nurturing, relaxation, rejuvenation.


Connect with rhythmic water sounds as we do with Ocean breath -Ujjayi breath.