January 23, 2017

Stand Up For Love

Good morning, Beloveds!

Millions of women are standing up for love, compassion, kindness, and justice today.

Women must lead the world to wholeness.  Through my studies of early matriarchal, peaceful societies, I know that a peaceful humanity is possible.  Did you ever learn that in school? . . . That highly artistic, peaceful, and happy societies thrived in the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods.  They had time for leisure and art.  They valued relationship.  Men and women shared power.  And, we can create this type of society on a large scale again.

So, hold to your vision of a happier, healthier world because it’s on its way and we must take action to achieve it.

In order to change things, we must get to the root issues of the problems.  My research, writings, and presentations are my attempt to provide holistic solutions to personal and planetary suffering.

Bandaid approaches, surface solutions, and scratching at the surface have proven futile. The time has come for A REVOLUTION OF LOVE – and this includes love for ALL PEOPLE and all ANIMALS (and the whole Earth)!

The moment is ripe with potential.  And, we must seek deep, thoughtful solutions.  Unripe answers are sour.  I feel the exclusion of an ecofeminist perspective, veganism, and a radical feminist critique…. and a general lack of critical thinking is what has brought us to where we are today with billions of humans fighting; billions of humans suffering; billions of my friends, the animals being needlessly killed; and billions of humans numbed out, complacent, and complaining when we all hold the power in our hands to change things.  

I rejoice that many are marching today.  This is a sign that people are waking up to the misogyny (hatred of females) that many of us have been agitating about and providing solutions to for years.  The female-hatred of our culture has been brought more clearly to the surface by Donald Trump.  (Of course, he is racist, classist, an all-around bully and the opposite of a leader, and these are all connected.)

And, I hope that we maintain momentum and work together all the time – not just when we think someone “bad” has gotten into power.  Power never lies in the President anyway.  The power is in our hands and in our minds, always.  The dominator paradigm maintains its control by teaching a false sense of power in voting.

Voting is important, but let us remember to be activists (action-takers in small and big ways) ALWAYS.  I am a huge advocate of voting and civil involvement in general.  And, I believe we must engage our communities always – not just because a hate-filled, insecure fear-mongerer has become the President of the United States.

Saving a worm on the sidewalk and small acts of kindness are not to be overlooked. IN FACT, I WOULD ARGUE THAT LIVING VEGAN IS AN INTEGRAL INGREDIENT FOR SOCIAL CHANGE.  We get good at what we practice.  When we practice and demonstrate kindness, it models kindness as a value and therefore creates more kindness in the world.  As long as we eat flesh of innocent animals, we reify violence and bullying.

Someone said to me recently, “Charlotte, you’re the greatest propagandist I know.”  And, he meant it as a compliment.  That’s because I engage people everywhere I go about veganism, feminism, and changing the world.

I hope you can join us for our Book Launch Party, February 18 at the Goddess Temple of Orange County, or for other upcoming events.  Stay tuned… as there will be some online gatherings too.

On Saturday, February 18th, I will discuss “Veganism: The Most Powerful Antidote to the Dominator Paradigm.”  Veganism (and its logical conclusion – ecofeminism) is the missing key as we aim to shift toward a harmonious, partnership paradigm.  If you care about creating a kinder world, I hope you’ll come join us and share your thoughts as well. 

Goddess 2.0: Advancing A New Path Forward
Book Launch Party
Saturday, February 18
7-9 pm


With love and gratitude,