Charlotte’s engaging presentations include:

Introductory Presentations

  • “True Transformation: The Three Keys to Creating Lasting Change”

    Are you stuck? Is there something in your life you want to change? There are some things beyond our control in life. But, true power is learning to be the architect of your life and consciously creating the changes you want in your life. This presentation explores the process of human change and provides effective tools to help people achieve it. Learn how to maintain energy, hope, and happiness when faced with challenges and continue on a path of growth despite obstacles.

  • “Captivating Confidence: Claim Your Courage, Speak Your Truth.”

    Confidence and self-worth is one of the greatest personal assets in life and sets the foundation for a happy life. This presentation helps people understand the cultural and personal factors that affect self-confidence and self-esteem. We’ll identify, uproot, and release blocks to self-esteem and self-confidence. This presentation includes practical tools to continue the process of building confidence so participants can create a life that is fulfilling, joyful, and meaningful. People come away from the lecture with practical tools to build self-worth, self-trust, and agency.

    (In her studies, Charlotte has explored how cultural myths/pressures make women feel ‘less-than’. This presentation can be customized to address the unique needs of women in an empowering manner.)

  • “Embodied Wisdom: Integrating Body, Mind, and Spirit to Access Your Highest Potential”

    When mind, body, and spirit are connected, a human being can reach their highest potential. Yoga and meditation techniques help integrate the wisdom of body, mind, and spirit and can improve one’s life. In this presentation, you’ll learn breathing and stretching techniques that can quickly shift your mood, attitude, and bodily state. And, when practiced over time can enhance mental acuity, decrease stress, and even change brain structure. Learn how to empower yourself with these simple, powerful tools. This presentation empowers participants to connect with the natural healing potential within to improve all areas of one’s life.

  • “A Vegan Lifestyle: For the Animals, for Your Health, and for the Environment”

    Did you know that you can save 95 animals per year by switching to a vegan diet? This presentation will explore the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. It includes the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle and debunks the protein myth. This presentation will explore the top 3 reasons people choose to adopt a vegan lifestyle – for the animals, for their health, and for the environment. And, it will lay out a simple program for getting started.

  • “Environmental Ethics: A New Paradigm of Wholeness and Integrity”

    The world is a web of relationships. This presentation explores the current human-nature relationship. It asks: How do we treat the Earth and those who inhabit it? Could we find a more mutually beneficial way of relating to and treating nature? This presentation calls for a new paradigm in the way we see all animals – beings worthy of autonomy, respect, and compassion. In this presentation, we will explore the exciting potential for healing of environmental degradation and improving human relationships, by changing the way we see nature. With a few simple shifts we, as consumers and citizens, can make choices that have a positive ripple effect, benefiting beings everywhere. There is great potential for positive change found in: the human connection to the natural world, the power of cooperative relationship, and tapping into our innate compassion. Our survival, as a human species, depends directly upon learning cooperation with and reverence for the natural world.

Advanced Presentations

  • “Creating Global Unity: Channeling Compassion into Impactful Action”

    Worldwide, many people are waking up to the urgent need to create a more harmonious global humanity. We are called to become a beneficial presence on the planet. Whether your interest is poverty, global hunger, homelessness, human rights, or animal liberation, this presentation will stoke the embers of passion and compassion and help you translate it into beneficial, focused action. This presentation is for concerned citizens and activists alike. Learn how to avoid a common pitfall of activism – burnout – by choosing a path of activism that energizes you. We also explore the continual process of introspection/reflection and outward activism, the ongoing process of going within, then sharing those insights in your activism so you can be an activated individual, sharing love, and peace as you work toward global unity in its many forms.

  • “Living As Love: The Vegan Ecofeminist Paradigm of Wholeness and Integrity”

    Learn how women and other-than-human animals are treated as consumable objects within modern society and what you can do about it. The use of animals for food and other products is the most heavily ingrained practice of institutionalized violence. We learn to think of animals as ‘something’ instead of ‘someone’ and this creates a disconnect from our innate love and compassion. Eating animals is the first time we learn as children that ‘might makes right.’ And, this numbing out from our natural compassion seeps into all other areas of our lives. Join us for this powerful discussion and learn how to return to wholeness as individuals and as a global humanity. Healing our relationship to other-than-human animals can heal your body and the planet. Shifting the way we look at animals has radical potential to shift the way we relate with ourselves and with other humans. Learn about the real power each individual has to manifest a revolution of love and create a peaceful world for all beings.

Past Presentations

Charlotte began presenting in 2001. Below are some of the presentations she has given.

  • “Choose a Vegan Lifestyle for the Animals, For Your Health, and for the Environment” 2001 and 2002, Lake Forest Academy.
  • “A Vegan Diet – The Best Choice for the Environment and Your Health,” Chapman University School of Law 2009.
  • “The Ethical Treatment of Animals-Why It Matters” Orange County Green Party, 2009; Awareness Day at Orange Coast College, 2010.
  • “Practices for Wholeness,” Teachers for Tomorrow Conference hosted by The Golden Apple Foundation 2011.
  • “From Separation to Wholeness: The Dismemberment of Nonhuman Animals, Dismemberment of the Human Spirit, and How to Return to Wholeness” presented at California State University, Long Beach, Animal Liberation Forum April 2011; Colorado State University VegFest April 2011 and 2012, Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair September 2011; Mercy for Animals’s Office in Chicago, IL, July 2011
  • Brief presentations as part of group panels at the National Animal Rights Conference 2011 and 2013 including: Spirituality and Animal Rights and Grassroots Activism.
  • “Environmental Ethics: A New Paradigm of Wholeness and Integrity.” November 2013, Soka University.