December 8, 2017

Winter Solstice is the time of year to go within, rest, rejuvenate, and contemplate.  It is a time to reflect upon what we hold near and dear, so we may emerge in Springtime empowered and with a fresh perspective.

My friend Rima has a fabulous podcast program that informs and inspires on topics of health, wellness, social justice, and spirituality.  She and I are on a similar trajectory of personal and planetary transformation and I was so honored to be a part of her podcast program.  She is releasing three podcasts where she and I discuss topics that transform.  

The first in the series is available here.  

1)  Embodied Love: The Vegan Path of Transformation

In this episode on Embodied Love, I explain my theory of embodied love: humans are naturally empathetic, cooperative, and caring.  It is only through disembodied logic, through which we are raised to go into the mind, disconnect from the body, rationalize, and justify violence and cruelty through thoughts and “logic” disconnected from the body that  we are able to live in the current toxic, mechanistic, nature-destroying paradigm.  Through disembodied logic, most people come to believe and adapt the mindsets and verbal regurgitations of dominators who came before them, rehashing in new ways the idea that it is acceptable to harm the innocent (animals and other social groups).  

As ecofeminism teaches domination of nature, the Earth, women, and other social groups go hand in hand and are mutually reinforced through language, cultural mythology, and power structures.  This fear-based, “violence as necessary” mindset begins with  the normalization of eating animal products (which most children question at some point), which Dr. Melanie Joy teaches is neither natural, normal, or necessary.  The cultural indoctrination which transforms an optional form of violence into something most people participate in three times a day has constructed a sense of humanity that is founded on our worst traits, rather than our most evolved potentials.

The time is ripe for a new definition of what it means to be human.  Embodied love – the innate care, love, reverence for life, celebration of creativity, honoring of natural timing, and courage to be bold is more natural to the human than the learned habit of disembodied logic.  Veganism is one foundational way we can begin to create a healthier, happier self and world.  This episode explores these ideas and more and will renew your faith in the potential of a more peaceful world, a better life for you, and even Heaven on Earth.

Upcoming episodes include:

2) Women’s Liberation and “Saving” the Earth

3) Blocks to Heaven On Earth


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