October 14, 2016

Since Columbus Day, which should be called Indigenous Peoples Day (thank you Ava Park for teaching me that) was earlier this week, I thought I would share this writing with you. 

I have connected with this place we call America – the land, the animals, and the natural structures here.  It is a special place with a unique message often lost on modern “Americans.”

I have been engaged with a Love Affair with nature for a long time.  Not all “Love Affairs” are sexual.  That is not what I’m implying.  It is more of a worship and appreciation for all that she is and for her gifting me life and just absolutely reveling in the beauty of this Earth.

However, the past few years, truly connecting with this specific continent and using her name “America” has brought unique messages to me.  

Here are some reflections from a class called Goddesses of Prehistory.  Based on what I have read, the name America predates Amerigo Vespucci.  I think she (America) is a uniquely gynocentric, female-reverencing place.   

See what you discover when you start talking to the Earth, America, the land, the animals, as if they are conscious (because they are) – out loud.  Start practicing public displays of reverence – say your prayers in public.  We need more of it.