October 10, 2014

Planning Your Dreams

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”      

– Gloria Steinem

Planning and dreaming may sound like they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, but they’re actually two essential parts of creating your best life.

Why do you need a plan?  Because you can either allow life to happen to you which will bring mixed results….OR….you can be the architect of change in your  life.  A true Queen/King/Person of Influence chooses to be the architect.

Do you want to allow life to happen to you by default or do you wish to be the Creatrix of your best life?

When creating a plan you need consistency and clarity.   Consistent actions (even minor ones) can create major change. For example, if you have a car in the Midwest, turning a steering wheel just a few degrees in one or the other direction can make the difference of whether you end up in New York City or Palm Beach. Often it is the minor shifts over long periods of time that bring major results.

But, as Steinem mentions here, the most effective plans come from our deepest desires and heartfelt purpose. This is the kind of plan you can get enthusiastic about – one that is in alignment with your dreams and your highest vision for yourself and the world.

By connecting your plan with your most bold vision you will remain invigorated and energized to continue and push past perceived obstacles as you work toward its achievement.

Passion + A Clear Plan = Success

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P.S.  The beautiful painting “Wisteria Way”  featured  here is by Josephine Wall.   I’m fortunate to enjoy it everyday in my dream/meditation room.  Check out her beautiful work here: http://www.josephinewall.co.uk.