September 19, 2020

Good Day Beauties!

I want to address the specific topic of “personal” success and veganism.  So, here are my early morning thoughts.  

It takes more time to elaborate upon and prove each of these points than there is space for here.  But, please send me your thoughts if there is any specific area of personal success you’re interested in and I’ll show you how veganism enhances it!   We cover this topic in-depth every Friday.  Sign up here.

With the presumptions that: 
1) all life is connected and we are one Earth body (what we do to one, we do to ourselves – including animals i.e. repercussions of cruelty and benefits of kindness), therefore the “personal” good is always linked to the “planetary” good, and veganism is favorable to all animals everywhere (including humans)
2) personal success is defined as “progressive realization of a worthy ideal” (Earl Nightingale)
3) given humanity’s trajectory for increased consciousness, a worthy ideal must include all life
4) the animals and Mother Earth offer us guidance when we partner with them.  
5) humans have unprecedented potentials for harmony, abundance, and beauty as yet unrealized 
6) there is a reason all patriarchal faith traditions have proscriptions against certain ways of eating animals, and prescriptions for a strict vegan diet during intense spiritual periods – they were never comfortable with eating animals to begin with
7) humans are natural herbivores – animal use/abuse is not normal, natural, or necessary
8) the animals of the world are their own nations, yearning for autonomy, and are communicating with us in myriad ways, inviting us to wake up so they can partner with us in co-creating Heaven on Earth – they’re ready – it is just humans that are lagging. 
9) human supremacism keeps us from the beauty that we could experience 
10) we are spiritual beings and all animals are too 

Personal success is enhanced by a vegan awareness.  Veganism here is defined as awareness of the value of all beings, which is put into action by living as love in thought, word, and deed.

Veganism, when lived as Fruitful Relatedness (relating to life and self in beneficial ways) contributes to personal success in the human world in these concrete ways:

-better communication  (because you’re aware of others hitherto ignored, you become more clear with words and boundaries b/c you’re living in honor of their bodily integrity/boundaries)

-better listening (you become aware of the myriad voices of animals and thereby listen better to human needs too!)

-receptivity (getting comfortable with silence/quiet as taught by nature allows you to receive insights and revelations from the divine/Mother Earth that will guide you to more fruitful actions for your path and your life)

-win-win relationships can only be really learned when you consider those most at your mercy (in human’s case – animals)

-greater endurance physically

-better mental acuity

-more compassionate, clear body vessel able to receive spiritual guidance and “spiritual guidance” includes your career path and personal relationships

-learn to honor natural timing vs. forcing things

-learn cooperation vs. control 

Over time, one’s veganism fuels a positive feedback loop of optimism, grace, and perseverance on one’s “personal” path.  Mother Earth/the divine graces you with increased insight and guidance on your path.  She/they (the animals) want you to be of greatest service and successful – they are ready to partner with you on your path!


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You are a Force Of Nature.

With love and gratitude,

P.S. The pre-sunrise sky this morning looked like this painting called Star Gazer by Agnes Pelton!  We’re going to discuss her work in next Freya-day’s webinar.

“Star Gazer” by Agnes Pelton