$99.00 USD

The Vegan Paradigm Shift: 7 Week Course for the Awakening Human

Join The Vegan Paradigm Shift 7 Week Course for the Awakening Human.

What to expect:
7 Modules of in-depth yet practical content to get you living from your future self right away.  
In each of the 7 "Vegan Paradigm Shift" Training Modules, you'll be guided through a series of teaching principles, as well as guided practices designed to unlock each aspect of your true power.
This brand-new series contains the latest principles, practices, and insights that are the culmination of Charlotte's vegan, self-actualization, and planetary transformation studies.
  • 7 Weeks of Live Teaching with Recordings 
  • 3 Live Destiny Sessions - Group Coaching to Implement the Teachings
  • Guided Meditation Recordings to Access Your Future Self