August 30, 2020

Hi Gaias,

I had so much fun on our Friday night gathering that I’ve decided to keep teaching something new each week.  Tune in for Fresh Insights and Systems to Harness Your Energy and Channel It Into Your Goals… become a vegan alchemist.


A few thoughts on the WORDS WE USE:

Some of you are familiar with the way that the unmanifest becomes manifest – how the nonphysical becomes physical – how our inner world, words, thoughts, and habits become our outer reality and ultimately our destiny.

Like in this famous teaching from the Upanishads:

How often do you hear people use the phrase “Killing it” to mean winning.  To kill is not a good thing in my book.  🙂

I prefer Birthing It.  Creation is better than destruction.  Yes, birth and death are two sides of the same coin, however, the divine/nature does its own job of ending lives, decomposing, and disintegrating.  

So, during my time on Earth, I’m generally focused on Birthing It – not Killing It!

The other day while I was out “hopping up a hill”/running a friendly fellow runner smiled as he held up a peace sign and enthusiastically exclaimed “Killing It.”  To which I replied, “yes totally birthing it!”  I don’t think he heard my exact words.  But, most people are confused when they hear that response.  

I, however, am confounded by the commonality of phrases like Killing It, Slayed It, and Crush  It (just to name a few).

How often do we not consider the very words coming out of our mouths?  Do you really want to “squash the competition.”  Who gave you the idea that you’re in competition in life?  Or, that squashing anyone whether it be metaphorically squashing an opponent or literally squashing an insect is good?  

Why this combative approach to life?  Why a language of violence?
 Because the worldwide diet of animal-based food  has created a mindset of destruction and a bodily a energetic vibration of killing.  Therefore, the resulting culture are founded upon violence.  

Is ‘human nature’ violent – no!  It is only the past few thousand years that while the human heart has remained pure, we’ve adapted to a culture of violence.

We are social creatures.  Born into the dominator paradigm of relating and living we adapt.  We go along to get along.  But, we’re not getting along so well these days, so it’s time to move along…  to The Vegan Paradigm Shift!

 Uplevel the way we live and breathe from A to Z!  

Striving to be your best you is good!  But, Prosperity Consciousness as informed through veganism  is understanding that by partnering with life, we create something unique.  Yes, a sense of joyful striving to be “the best,” or perhaps better than the rest in our field can be used in a good way when we know there is enough good for everyone to go around.  However, a sense of collaboration and celebrating others’ successes – even your so-called competitors in your field grows your consciousness and thereby improves your results.

Not Business As Usual!

In my forthcoming book The Vegan Paradigm Shift, I discuss this emerging partnership paradigm in business.  There are new economic models unfolding and it starts by the way relate to ourselves, the world around us, and potential.  

The dominator model of business founded upon hoarding resources, amassing wealth while many starve, and constant expansion and growth will destroy the planet.  That’s because it is founded upon the killing of animals.  However, there are ways to thrive and co-create Heaven on Earth.  That is why we all came to the planet together at this time – to learn how to co-create this better world!

A Language of Love

Veganism is a foundational part of building this new way of relating, which I call Fruitful Relatedness.  This requires a new lexicon and new definition of humanity as Love Embodied.

Do your words bear fruit or rot?  Are you using words of the culture that don’t fit your belief system and the emerging Partnership Paradigm?

Be creative and find more life-affirming ways of speaking and being.

This week’s webinar will focus on how words become things!

I’ll be sharing insights on personal and planetary success every Friday indefinitely at 6 pm Pacific Time here at Aphrodite’s Headquarters, through my “Virtual Parlor” aka Zoom!

7 MT/8CT/9ET


You are a Force Of Nature.

With love and gratitude,