May 28, 2015

The Messages from the Plant World

You all already know I’m a plant-forward kind of person.  Recently, I’ve been connecting more deeply with the powers of the plant world and the magical messages they have for us regarding personal development.

Did you know the reason we say “knock on wood” is because it was believed that all trees possessed spirits and that you must warn them by knocking first before cutting them down?  (See Ted Andrews’ book Nature Speak: Signs, Omens, and Messages in Nature for more info like this.  I could go on and on about how much I love this author but I’ll leave it at that for now.)  

I am currently on a retreat of sorts and had the wonderful experience of a sweat lodge yesterday.

I feel so refreshed, renewed and connected to the Earth and my purpose in an even deeper, more reverent way than ever before.

You may know that I’m an advocate of nature medicine – meaning that we listen to the messages of the natural world for guidance in all arenas of life.  Certain animals, plants, and natural objects turn up in our life at specific times for a reason.  To me, ‘nature medicine’ is the healing Rx of the natural world.  

Nature medicine comes in many forms – to any of the 6 senses.  I consider the 6 senses in this way…  We have the traditional 5: visual, auditory, touch, taste, and olfactory. And, then we have the 6th sense which can be experienced in a variety of ways – psychological, imaginative, spiritual, dream states, intuitive, or mental.  For example, you may hear the singing of a mourning dove, you may find one of her feathers as you’re walking, or she may visit you in a dream.

 Once you start tuning in and becoming a part of this conversation with the natural world, you begin to find upliftment and support almost everywhere you go.  

Tip:  When you have an encounter with nature that feels meaningful – first ask yourself what it means to you or what the message of this encounter may be prior to looking up any one else’s “meanings.”   

Dreaming of Berries

Last night, I had some unusual spirits visit me in my dreams.  Blueberries and raspberries vividly told me they wanted to support me on my life path.  I awoke from this dream of berries as the sun was coming up over the mountains, with clarity that these particular berries had visited me because I’m seeking an infusion of grounded passion and power (red) and calm and vision (indigo blue is associated with the third eye.)  I took some time to reflect upon their power and meaning.

Today, I looked up the metaphysical properties of these berries and it turns out they have both been used by healers for many centuries for everything from attracting love, protection, increasing fertility, and learning patience.

There is something beautiful and enticing about these two plants.  And, I feel so grateful to receive their medicine.  

Tomorrow, we’ll be working with plant medicine in our guided meditation.  Join us and discover a unique message from the plant kingdom for yourself.  

Earth Energy Meditation
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