October 3, 2014

It is the time of year for gathering fruit and enjoying our harvest. So, it is a time to ask if we are practicing fruitful relatedness. Is the way that we relate to ourselves and the world around us bearing good fruit?

Some ways of relating are unproductive and will bear rotten fruits – resistance, fear, combativeness, and being reactive.

Some ways of relating are productive and will bear yummy, ripe fruits – acceptance, faith, flexibility, and being responsive.

Fruitful relatedness is a way to relate to things both within – our thoughts, feelings, judgments – as well as the way we relate to things outside of us – relationships, experiences, the Earth, other people, animals, circumstance – that will help us and others feel our best. Our relationship with our self is the filter through which we see the world. So, in Earth Energy Yoga, we focus on fruitful relatedness to our self. When you shift your relationship with yourself, the whole world changes!

Here are a few of the components of Fruitful Relatedness:

  • Nonjudgmental
  • Experiencing – Not Avoiding
  • Optimistic Attitude


1) Non judgmental.

Oftentimes, when working to change behaviors, we will shame ourselves into it by saying “that’s bad” or “I’m a bad person if I do XYZ”.   Attaching shame and guilt to behaviors is not going to help you. It’s just simply not motivating.

Staying in a place of nonjudgment helps you build self-esteem so you feel more confident in your ability to change.   Let go of judgment about good, bad, right, wrong. Find what is most beneficial. When evaluating a thought pattern or behavior, simply ask “Is it working?”

Just evaluate it objectively.   A) What is your goal? B) Does the behavior support that goal?


2) Experiencing – Not Avoiding

Most of us have a chronic habit of avoiding specific feelings. Of course, it is human nature to avoid pain! But, if you develop a habit of avoiding and numbing out this will block your flow of wisdom. Dysfunction comes about when we deny emotions. Feelings are there to help you with your transformation process. In order to become a fully activated individual you must learn to feel your feelings.

They are in fact guideposts for insights meant to guide you on your life’s journey…. not something to be avoided.  So, how do we re-train ourselves to delve in to the things we’ve been avoiding? ….. By practicing witnessing awareness within Earth Energy Yoga®.


Here, we have an opportunity to explore our relationship to feelings and to cultivate patience and a willingness to be uncomfortable. We learn that by being present through discomfort, we end up benefiting and feeling better in the long run.


We make it a practice on the mat to feel and allow emotions to come forth. As a result of bearing witness to the things we habitually avoid it becomes that much easier to stay present with feelings as they come up in life and we feel happier overall. We learn to find our middle place of comfort with feelings.


3) Productive Attitude


Your outlook definitely impact your results. If you bring an attitude of positivity to your relationships, you will naturally experience more good. But, is it really possible to change your attitude?…… Yes!


Earth Energy Yoga ®, is specifically designed to create attitudes of optimism, acceptance, perseverance, awareness, and intuition. We use phrases, affirmations, and attention on postures that elevates one’s attitude.


Postures have an energetic quality – an attitude to them. Consider the difference between a person slumped over and a person with their shoulders back and standing tall. These are two completely different postural attitudes. The posture reflects the person’s inner state. And the posture reinforces that inner state. If you’re feeling down, the more that you hunch over and look down the worse you will feel. However, by changing your posture and the way you move your body you can also change your inner state. Earth Energy Yoga poses are postures of exaltation and celebration of creation. By moving our bodies into postures of a positive attitude, we automatically move into a more fruitful outlook and sunnier attitude.

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