Breaking Barriers – Bridging Gaps
Join us
Saturday, July 25th – Sunday, July 26th 2015

at the
Museum of Goddess History & Culture
17905 Sky Park Circle, #A
Irvine, CA. 92614
Tel: 949 651 0564
Network with academics, activists and peers.
Learn how to take a leadership role within an egalitarian structure.
Get involved with social justice, environmental/earth, climate change, animal rights and women’s issues.
Discuss how to evolve out of a violent, patriarchal world. 

Tickets $20 – $45

The Earth and her animals are under a full-scale assault. We are facing the sixth mass extinction of species, violence rages across the planet and the climate change crisis is now having a horrific impact on the lives of millions and all created by a patriarchal system of exploitation and oppression. 

We must weave a new world and quickly for the good of us all or face unprecedented chaos.  In this conference, we will explore Ecofeminist origins and its principles. Building bridges between feminists, environmentalist, and animal rights activists in order to create a world where the plunder of the earth and her resources, and the exploitation of animals, races and genders are no longer acceptable.

This conference is vegan. All genders are welcome. You do not have to be vegan to attend the conference but whilst attending the conference we ask that you respect our wishes and do not bring animal products to consume on the premises.

The conference is a safe space/positive space. No racism, sexism, anti-LGBT will be tolerated. Equally all views are safe to express, the organizers expressly wish for people to feel free to speak safely themselves without fear of vitriolic attack in any form.

No recording will be allowed.

About the organizers

Julia Orr is a veteran animal rights ecofeminist. After spending ten years with Walt Disney Studios as a public relations professional, Julia is currently acting as Head of PR/Communications with the first vegan PR & marketing company in the U.S, Scout 22. She is an experienced organizer who has spear headed tent pole film events for Disney studios including large scale junkets and red carpet premieres. She is also a veteran at organizing animal rights protests including the largest yearly anti-vivisection protest in the U.S and humanitarian support caravans of supplies for the Navajo/Hopi peoples. Her first book, The Big Mountain Diaries detailing her environmental justice work with the Dineh  & Hopi people on the Navajo reservation is being released Spring 2015.

Charlotte Cressey is an animal rights activist and educator, Chopra-Center certified meditation instructor, originator of Earth Energy Yoga, student in Women’s Studies, lover of life, and enthusiast for the many benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Her concern for animals began at three years old, when she refused to eat meat after learning that it had once a been a living being. Cressey believes in the revolutionary power of love and challenges the tendency to believe that cruelty is natural in the world. Through her presentations, Empowerment Sessions, meditation, and Earth Energy Yoga classes, she assists people in unearthing the infinite wellspring of joy, love, compassion, and wisdom within. She views veganism, meditation, and yoga as part of a larger goal to create a peaceful, harmonious existence for humans, animals, and the Earth.