Hi Beloveds,

I’m super-psyched to be a part of the West Coast Ecofeminist Conference again this year.

I will be speaking at 10 am on Saturday, giving a bit of an introduction to ecofeminism, as well as delving into the poisoning of the female body occurring in our culture today in thought, word, and deed (specifically pornography and breast implants).  And, we will discuss the necessary antidotes to the poisons so that we may all contribute to a happier, healthier world for all.

Here’s a description of my talk:

Roots and Blossoms of Ecofeminism
Ecofeminism is a philosophy and action which seeks to understand the root cause of violence, oppression, and destruction in the world as well as provide solutions.  This presentation will illuminate the ways women, nature, and animals are simultaneously linked and degraded in the language, psyche, and behavior of modern patriarchal humanity.   We will explore the myriad manifestations of this dominator paradigm and how it limits us all as individuals.  Ecofeminism offers solutions  of personal, political, and collective empowerment to address the urgent needs of modern humanity, the billions of animals humans use-abuse, and nature.  The moment is ripe with potential.  Ecofeminism provides us insights and beautiful blossoms that support the full flourishing of all life.      

MORE INFO AND TICKETS HERE: http://www.westcoastecofem.com

With love and gratitude,