Concerned about the Drought? Want to save animals and preserve water?

According to NASA scientists, the world is running out of water. We hear about ways to reduce personal water use, but personal water use accounts for only 4% of freshwater use, while meat and dairy consume a staggering 47% of this precious natural resource! We are saddened that animal agriculture, the largest contributor to the drought here in California and worldwide, has been almost entirely left out of the conversation, especially when there is an easy way to reduce water consumption by half, without sacrifice. That solution is to choose vegan.

Join us for this house party and activist training for Truth or Drought. The Truth or Drought Citizens’ Action Campaign is very simple. All you have to do is take 10 minutes to speak with restaurants about promoting vegan options on the menu.

More and more businesses are eager and willing to address the issue of water, so this is the time for us, as vegans to show people what a difference veganism makes for the issue of water.

We’ll explain more about the how-to’s and why this campaign is effective in-person.

What: Vegan potluck and activist meeting
Date: Thursday, November 19th
Time: 6-9 pm Gather at 6 pm to socialize and eat. Meeting starts at 6:30 pm sharp.
Where: Laguna Niguel, CA Addresss given after you RSVP – please read below.
Bring: vegan dish for potluck and $10 cash to buy materials needed for you to carry out the campaign in your community.
RSVP to Charlotte{dot} to receive the address for the event.

More about Truth or Drought:

More about the Truth or Drought Citizens’ Action Campaign:!Take-Action-Save-Water-Eat-Plants-California-Citizens-Action-Campaign/cjds/55e48c450cf2de902a79e023