Introduction to Meditation and the Power of Your Mind

Monday, December 12

Above and Beyond

2942 West Lake St.

Chicago, IL 60612

DESCRIPTION: Practiced for thousands of years, meditation is a tool for rediscovering the body’s own inner intelligence.

It is a powerful tool for enhancing vitality, tranquility, and mental sharpness.


In this class you will:

  • learn the basics and “how-to’s” of meditation
  • learn the many benefits of meditation, so you are motivated to keep with it.
  • learn how meditation fits into the process of creating positive change
  • learn why and how meditation accelerates personal growth
  • experience additional teachings on cultivating confidence, self-esteem, a positive self-image, and self-worth.
  • learn why meditation empowers you to change your thoughts and therefore change your life.
  • be empowered by understanding the strength of a clear, focused mind and how to get one.


Why meditate?

Meditation helps:

  • Manage stress & reduce anxiety • Create inner peace
  • Improve your relationships • Lower your blood pressure
  • Enhance your sleep patterns • Connect more deeply to spirit

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