Eating for Energy, Vitality, and Joy – the Why’s and How’s of a Vegan Diet.

December 14, 8-9:30 am

Above and Beyond

2942 West Lake St.

Chicago, IL 60612

We all know we feel our best when we eat more fruits and veggies! But, did you know that a vegan* diet can increase your energy, endurance, and long-term vitality?


Come learn the how’s and why’s of a vegan diet.   Live a life of vitality, energy, and joy!  


This presentation will:

  • Illuminate the health benefits of a vegan diet.
  • Show you how to eat for more energy and a positive mood.
  • Teach how to eat healthy on a budget.
  • Demonstrate how easy it is to eat vegan.
  • Answer your most pressing nutritional questions about a vegan diet.


*A vegan diet means eating plant-based foods and avoiding animal-based foods like meat, dairy, and eggs
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