Charlotte Cressey will be discussing the life and work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a progenitor of ecofeminism, with Karen Tate on Voices of the Sacred Feminine.

When:  Wednesday, July 8th, 6 pm PT, 7 Mt, 8 CT, 9 ET.  Or, listen to the archives later.

Where:  Listen live from anywhere in the world.  

Simply click here:  Direct Link To Listen-In

Karen Tate says:

“Tonight we’re going to learn about Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a foremother of EcoFeminism I’ll bet you’ve yet to learn about.  Thanks to Charlotte Cressey, animal liberation activist, educator, ecofeminist and creator of Earth Energy Yoga, listeners will learn about this incredible woman way ahead of her time.  Gilman believed in mutually beneficial relationships in regard to women, animals and nature and taught they provide us guidance and instruction as we seek to create a kinder world for all beings today.  We’ll discover Gilman’s optimistic, solution-oriented vision and hope for change,  We’ll delve into “patriarchal reversals” and learn the difference between “labor” and “industry”.  We’ll also talk about Gilman’s utopian novels, including Herland.  Should be a really interesting conversation you won’t want to miss.”


Charlotte Perkins Gilman