Thursday, March 26
Charlotte-&-pup“Channeling Compassion into Action” for Animal Activists

Many people are waking up to the urgent need to create a more harmonious global humanity. As animal advocates, we are well aware of the enormity of animal suffering worldwide. We are called to do something about it! In the process, we may experience burnout and exhaustion. The problem of animal exploitation seems so large that it’s common to feel helpless and hopeless.

Learn how to avoid burnout by choosing a path of activism that energizes you. In IDA’s first Sustainable Activism Teleseminar, we will explore the relationship between introspection and activism, the process of going within and sharing those insights as an activist working toward global unity with peace and love.

Let’s stoke the embers of passion and compassion, transforming them into focused action that benefits you, animals, and the earth. You will receive self-care techniques, increased self-awareness, and an action plan. This teleseminar is part of IDA’s Sustainable Activism Campaign, offering emotional and spiritual support for animal activists.

What: Sustainable Activism Teleseminar on “Channeling Compassion into Action”
When: Thursday, March 26, 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. PST
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Charlotte Cressey is an animal rights activist and educator, Chopra-Center certified meditation instructor, originator of Earth Energy Yoga, student in Women’s Studies, lover of life, and enthusiast for the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Her concern for animals began at three years old, when she refused to eat meat after learning that it was once a living being. Cressey believes in the revolutionary power of love and challenges the tendency to believe that cruelty is natural in the world. Through her presentations, Empowerment Sessions, meditation, and Earth Energy Yoga classes, she assists people in living from the infinite wellspring of joy, love, compassion, and wisdom within. She views veganism, meditation, and yoga as part of a larger goal to create a peaceful, harmonious existence for humans, animals, and the Earth.

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