December 7, 2014

… Dot Dot Dot …

When my sister was too young to say “Charlotte” she called me “Dot Dot.” To this day, I am fascinated by ‘The Dot’.

The finality of a period at the end of a sentence, the fanciful polka dot, and my favorite – the ellipsis. Three dots in a row.

The ellipsis can signify a pause or omission of a word.

The ellipsis is a reminder of the power of the ineffable nature of the divine.

Chapter 1 of the Tao Te Ching elucidates, “The unnamable is the eternally real. Naming is the origin of all particular things.”

And, Chapter 2, “The Sages conduct the teaching of no words.”

And, Chapter 5, “Too many words hasten failure.”

Why the pause?

The pause is ripe with potential. The pause is where all of your power lies.

It is in the quiet, the silence and stillness that all wisdom, answers to conundrums, knowledge, and all life beckon forth.

The invisible, silent realm is the mother of all things visible.   A creative and generative vortex. An enticing mystery.

Why omit a word?

Words have meaning. Meaning keeps us at the level of the mind. Our true power, as humans, is beyond the mind.

The experience of union with the divine occurs at a level much deeper than words.

Immerse yourself in activities that bring the mind to stillness so you may have the direct experience of being one with Beauty, God/dess, Universe, Source, (whatever you like to call the divine).

By taking the time to slow down, listen, and move into the silence you access infinite possibility.   More original, creative ideas and solutions come to your mind and serve you in achieving your goals.

The Ellipsis and The Wheel of the Year

If the ellipsis had a time of year, it would be winter. A time of day – night.

Look to nature to plan your year. Winter is the time of year for introspection, reflection, and rest! Notice how the trees may have dropped their leaves. Animals are less active and some are in hibernation. Even the song “Silent Night” celebrates the beauty of the darkness.

It is a time for rest and communion with the beloved divine. Be seduced by the silence. Take time for the incubation period – now.  As we look to 2015, now is the time to go deep within. Indulge in relaxation, rejuvenation, restoration, and communion.


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