March 31, 2020

Good Day Beloveds,

Here in the United States, our government has extended the social distancing protocol through April 30th.

A miracle is a shift in perception.  Is your perception – the lens through which you see the world clouded and dreary, or is it rosy?  Is your life a reflection of your ultimate power?  If not, it’s the perfect time for an upgrade – a clearing of your lens . . . a 30 day spirit cleanse.

Maybe you’re feeling like my cat Tigressa who would prefer to cover her eyes and just go back to sleep.

This is an opportune time to rest, yes!  But, there’s much magic in the air which we can capitalize on and catapult our results to a higher rung of success.

You may hear this news of social distancing, continued business closures, and life as not-normal being extended another month.  I know I want to get back to my regular routines.  So, the question I’ve been asking myself is how to harvest the good from this “pause.”

So, I’ve spent this morning crafting a fruitful response to be of service to you – my community.

Perhaps this could be an opportunity to go on that self-care retreat you’ve always wanted to, tackle that bad habit that’s held you back, or really commit to that exercise program/diet you’ve wanted to.  Are you in the “dating game” and have always felt like you could benefit from a break to recalibrate and hold a higher vision for yourself?  Ready to Spring Clean your life?  You likely have extra time now, so let’s do it!

I have been studying transformational practices and mindsets for 20 years.  I’ve studied and been certified in a variety of programs with leaders in the field of self-development.  It is my absolute joy to share these practices that have upleveled my own life and those of my clients in major ways with you through April for the price of a latte a day.

30 days for you to focus on you and become your best self!

How you will benefit

-feel a sense of support despite physical isolation

-reframe negativity into positivity

-take your visions and put them into action

-set a specific personal or professional goal and gain support so that 30 days from now – you have mastered it.

You will have a place to connect daily with paradigm-shifting practices and perspectives.  We will gather early every morning on Zoom or you can listen in to recordings later in the day.

You will also receive guided meditations and chakra-energizing videos as well as messages channeled from nature that are coming to me stronger than ever now.

I know that when May 1st arrives, I want to really celebrate may day and feel ready to unveil the best me to make the most of 2020 and every day!  And, I want the same for you!

I can’t wait to join with you on this journey!

I will be sharing more information on this program later tonight, 3/31 regarding format, schedule, etc.  However, I wanted to share this with you all right away for those of you already familiar with my work, approach to transformation, and offerings who are ready to say YES now.  Empower yourself and in so doing, you empower the world.



Over the next 30 days, beginning tomorrow 4/1, we will go through the process of transformation across all levels and emerge as the powerful butterflies that we are – but with a bit more sparkle and sass then we currently possess today.