November 28, 2014

Be Someone Who Inspires Gratitude

I’m basking in the glow of gratitude this week and feeling so incredibly grateful for my beloved family, friends, and other cherished beings.

Gratitude is one of the energetic frequencies that helps us feel our best – as individuals and as a human family on this beautiful planet Earth.

When you’re in a state of gratitude, you automatically attract more good into your life. Additionally, being in a state of gratitude yourself encourages more compassionate actions. If a person were feeling vindictive or fearful, their actions will often harm others.

On a basic level, we, as humans, want the best for other people and other beings. When we see someone suffering, our natural inclination is to help her or him. Often, we have been indoctrinated (our minds have been trained) to participate in violent activities that go against our natural compassion because these activities are such a part of the culture. There are forms of violence that we are willing to overlook because our entire society has been built around it.

Consuming animal products is one such behavior. It is a practice clouded in mythology, stories, fantasies, and misinformation. Don’t get me wrong, story and fantasy are beautiful! But, not when these stories are veiling an essential truth that is blocking humanity from taking a leap of compassion and evolving into our full potential as a species and as individuals.

This karmic law that we must treat others how we wish to be treated is the treasure that humanity has ignored.   Creating Heaven on Earth is possible. Life is meant to be joyful. But, most humans are unaware of how bright our future is because they are entranced by an old story.

Many people who are on the precipice of becoming vegan are often stopped from going all the way there because they are deluding themselves with “False Gratitude.”

False Gratitude

Especially this time of year, I’ve heard many people say as they consume animal-based foods, “I’m thanking the animal for giving its life for me.” Spiritual teachers will say things like “pray for the animal and send it a blessing for sacrificing itself for you.” I recently heard that we should ‘be the blessing’ from one wise woman.

What would this mean to ‘be the blessing’?

If we were to tap into our empathy and could really feel into what it would be like to be that animal, do you think that he or she willingly choose to ‘give’ her life for you? Or is this a story you’ve created to justify your choice?

What type of interaction with another animal do you think would inspire gratitude?

Have you ever had a ‘close call’ where something tragic almost happened to you, maybe you even almost died, and someone came in at the right moment and ‘saved’ you? I have. And, I will always be grateful for the gift of life.

Could, we as humans, become the Earth Angels we are meant to be? Instead of inspiring fear in other animals, we could be caring for any animal friends that cross our path, and deliberately choosing to allow them their freedom and the gift of life.

What a beautiful world that would be.

There is a mythology in our culture that animals want to be raised to be killed for your plate.


Can you take someone’s life and then thank them for the violence you inflicted on them?

Something to ponder…

The Magnitude of Gratitude

When we fully grasp the Magnitude of Gratitude and how amazing the gift of life is, we live gracefully and do our best to uplift the lives of others. That is the type of impact I wish to have. Don’t you?!

Have you ever had the satisfaction of making someone else happy? Doesn’t it feel amazing when you know you made life better for someone else? It’s the best feeling in the world!

If we all agree that we are grateful to be alive, how amazing would it be for us, as humans, to be willing to recognize the desire to live in other animals by granting them their freedom and autonomy.

We, as a society are on the verge of major evolution.

We are moving into cooperation, harmony, and prosperity. This may not be apparent to everyone. But, many of us do see this development and a vegan lifestyle is foundational to this shift.

Being grateful for the Earth means caring for her.

A few facts in case you didn’t already know…

  • Gallons of water used to produce the food for one day for a …

… a meat-eater 4,000

… a vegetarian   1,200

… a vegan             300


  • Number one cause of water pollution in California – the dairy industry


  • Animals raised for food produce 130 X the amount of excrement of the human population.   That’s right, not two times as much, not three times as much, 130 times as much waste going into our previously pristine waters.


  • Number of people you can feed on 2.5 acres

… eating vegetables 14

… eating animal products 1.5


  • For every 1 acre of land cleared for new construction in the world, 7 will be cleared to raise animals for their flesh


  • #1 cause of greenhouse gases – animal agriculture (See United Nations, Livestock’s Long Shadow)


It is clear that environmentally, a vegan lifestyle is the future. Discussion of things like low flow showerheads and driving a hybrid are really minor when you look at the overall impact of animal agriculture.

But, how may a vegan diet shift the mindset of humanity? By taking a stand for compassion, empathy, and kindness. When we show our kindness to those most at our mercy – animals, we as humans, will be so much more capable of addressing issues that we are challenged by as a human species.

I hope you’ll take some time to consider how you can be a person that touches the lives of all beings in a way that makes them grateful for the encounter. Be a beneficial presence so all may be happy and free.  You will reap the benefits as well!