November 7, 2014

How to Use Your Body to Shift Your Energy and Achieve Your Goals

As physical beings, it is common to forget that

everything is made up of energy.

“Energy” may sound like I’m speaking about the intangible, ethereal plane of existence.

However, energy is the here and now.

 You experience it everyday.


For example, have you ever walked down a sidewalk and seen:


one person with their head down, shoulders slumped, and shuffling their feet along…


one person with their gaze fixed on the horizon, shoulders back, and walking briskly with high steps…


one person with their head high and a slight smile,  shoulders relaxed, and strolling along with grace.


If you can imagine these three scenarios, you know how clearly our energy is expressed in our bodies.  It’s a two-way feedback loop.  Adopt a slow walk and drag your feet along, you’re bound to start feeling muddled.  Walk briskly and you’ll feel like you’re on a mission (or in a hurry).  Walk slowly and smile and you’ll feel more at peace and relaxed. 


Usually, people’s inner worlds create what we see on the outside.   But, today we’re going to talk about how the body can be used to shift the inner world.


You can feel different energetic frequencies in your body.  In fact, according to the Ayurvedic tradition, one aspect of your body is the ‘pranamaya kosha’ the layer of energy or life force.  



Right now, try smiling as you read this and you’ll automatically shift the energy in your body.  Our physical postures each hold a unique energetic frequency.  Facial expressions, body postures, yoga poses, and the way we move can be used to shift one’s energy in order to achieve our goals. 



All of us have something we’re seeking to improve or change in our lives.  Maybe life is good, but you’d like to feel more calm.  Maybe you feel peaceful, but you’d like to earn more money.  Whatever your growing edge is, the key is in shifting your internal environment.  However, this is often a challenge.   Approaches that address the mind are important.  This includes a whole host of practices like meditation, visualization, affirmation, mindfulness, and becoming self-referencing.  (We’ll talk about energetics of the mind in next week’s blog.) 


But, what if the energetic frequencies of your body make it difficult to work with the mind to create change.  Maybe you can’t meditate because you’re just so antsy!  Or…  Have you ever been in a state of such deep sadness that it was hard to even think straight or make choices that support your wellbeing?  Perhaps you found your way out by connecting with the body through some form of exercise.  Sometimes the ‘first step’ when you’re feeling stuck is literally taking the first step and just getting up and going for a walk outside. 


There’s a reason why people say you should ‘walk it off’ when you’re upset.  Have you ever noticed that an animal shakes her or his body when they need to release excess energy?   My dog, Teddy, often gets up and shakes after his naps to energize himself.  It’s like he’s waking up and saying “okay I’m done napping – time to move forward with my day.”  After he shakes he prances around like his usual energetic self – not like he is groggy from his nap.  We need to learn to do the same – use body postures and movements – to help us move forward in our lives.  Put the past in perspective and move forward with power in the present.


Your beautiful body is a gift you have been blessed with.  When you befriend your body and learn to work with it, you will access deeper levels of awareness, inner wisdom, and create changes at the level of the mind that would have taken twice as long, had you not included the body.   Using the body to create shifts in your frequency can help accelerate the process of growth so you can use your mind, body, feelings, and spirit in beautiful harmony. 


In the ideal state, the human body has an easy flow of energy.  Breath is smooth, steady, deep, and even.  Shoulders are back, eyes are bright, and head is high. 


However, daily life often moves our body into postures and expressions of dis-ease.  Slumped shoulders, crouched over, rounded back, shallow breath, and head is down.


In Earth Energy Yoga®, we use particular postures to create an energy flow and connection with the Earth and all of nature to return our body to its ideal state. 


By moving the body through unique movements and poses, we cleanse the energy system.  It’s like a ‘reset’ button.  We create habits of positive energy and postures of vitality.  Earth Energy Yoga® poses are postures of exaltation at creation.  In Earth Energy Yoga, we learn to connect with a deep reservoir of gratitude and awe at the beauty of all of nature and all of life.  When you’ve loosened up, released excess tension, and re-established your connection to nature you’ll feel more capable, ready, and determined to achieve your goals and create a life of your wildest dreams.