Reflections on the Real America

October 14, 2016

Since Columbus Day, which should be called Indigenous Peoples Day (thank you Ava Park for teaching me that) was earlier this week, I thought I would share this writing with you.  I have connected with this place we call America – the land, the animals, and the natural structures here.  It is a special place with a unique message often lost on modern “Americans.” I have been...

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Masters of Peace

October 13, 2016

Last weekend, my sisters and I had the pleasure of seeing Bob Dylan perform live.  I have considered myself a Bob Dylan scholar/enthusiast ever since discovering his music/poetry as a teenager.  At one point, I had Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie memorized by heart and could recite it line for line.  (If you’re not familiar with this poem, go check it out, as it is a great message of living...

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